IPhone 11 Dimensions: How Big is Apple’s Latest Smartphone

The iPhone 11 has been a popular ​choice⁤ among‍ smartphone users since ​its ‍release, ⁢but many ‌may not be aware of its exact dimensions.⁤ In order to​ fully understand⁤ the capabilities ‍and functionality of this device,⁢ it is important ‌to know‍ its physical specifications. In this article, we will explore the ‍size of⁣ the iPhone 11, providing readers ⁣with a comprehensive understanding of its dimensions and ‍how ⁤they compare to other smartphones on‌ the ⁢market.

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Size and Dimensions​ of the iPhone 11: ‍A Comprehensive Overview

When ‌it comes to the size and dimensions of the iPhone 11,⁤ Apple continues‍ to deliver a‌ device that is⁤ sleek, modern, and highly functional. The ⁣iPhone 11 ​features a 6.1-inch ‍Liquid‌ Retina HD display, making‍ it ⁢the perfect size ‍for one-handed use while still​ providing ample screen ⁣real estate for watching‌ videos, gaming, and⁢ browsing the web. The dimensions⁤ of the iPhone 11 are⁣ 5.94‍ inches in height,⁤ 2.98 inches in width, and 0.33⁣ inches‍ in depth.

Additionally, the iPhone 11 weighs just 6.84 ounces, making⁣ it lightweight ​and easy to ⁢carry with you ​wherever you go.⁤ The phone’s slim ‌profile and rounded​ edges make ⁢it ⁤comfortable to ‌hold, and its durable glass ⁢and aluminum construction ensure that ⁤it can withstand the rigors‍ of‌ daily use. The iPhone 11 is ⁢available in‌ a range of‍ stunning​ colors, including purple, yellow, green, ​black, white, and ‍Product(RED), ⁣allowing you to choose a device that reflects your ⁣personal‌ style.

Comparing⁣ the⁢ iPhone 11 Size to ​Other iPhone‍ Models

When it comes‍ to choosing a new ⁢smartphone, one of the factors to consider is ​the‍ size of the device. ⁢With‌ the release ‌of the iPhone 11, many consumers are ⁤curious about how its size compares to previous iPhone models.

The ⁣iPhone 11⁢ measures 5.94 inches in height, ⁣2.98 inches in width, and 0.33 inches in⁣ depth. It weighs approximately 6.84 ounces. To⁢ provide⁣ a frame of reference, here is⁢ a​ comparison of the iPhone​ 11 ‍size ​to‍ other popular iPhone ​models:

  • iPhone 11: 5.94 inches (H) x 2.98 inches (W) x 0.33 inches⁣ (D)
  • iPhone 11 Pro: 5.67 ⁤inches⁢ (H) x 2.81⁢ inches (W) x‌ 0.32⁣ inches ‌(D)
  • iPhone ⁤11⁣ Pro​ Max: ⁣ 6.22 inches (H) x ⁣3.06 ⁣inches (W) ⁤x ⁤0.32⁣ inches (D)
  • iPhone XR: 5.94 inches (H) x 2.98 inches (W) ‌x 0.33 inches​ (D)

Understanding the Impact of iPhone 11 Size⁣ on User Experience

When it comes ​to the user experience of a smartphone, the ⁢size​ of the device‍ plays a crucial role. ⁢The iPhone 11 comes in three different sizes, each with its own impact‍ on user experience. ‍ can help consumers‍ make an ⁢informed decision‌ when purchasing‍ a new smartphone.

Size Options

The iPhone 11 ⁢is available in three ⁤different sizes:‍ the standard‌ iPhone ⁢11 at‍ 6.1 ⁣inches, the ‌iPhone 11 Pro at 5.8‍ inches, and the iPhone ⁣11 Pro Max at ‍6.5 ‍inches. ‍Each size ‌offers different benefits and drawbacks in terms of user‍ experience.


The size ‍of the iPhone 11 ⁢can affect its ⁢portability.⁣ A larger phone may ‌be more difficult to⁣ carry and use with one hand, while⁢ a ​smaller phone‌ may be more‍ convenient for ⁢on-the-go use. Consider how⁢ the size of the iPhone 11 will impact your⁤ daily activities and mobility.

Practical ‌Tips for Choosing the Right iPhone 11 Size ⁣for Your‌ Needs

When ‌considering⁣ the right iPhone 11 size for your ⁤needs, there ‍are a few⁢ practical tips ‍to keep in mind.‍ The​ iPhone 11 is available in ‍three ‍sizes: the⁤ standard iPhone 11, the‍ iPhone 11 Pro, and the⁢ iPhone 11 Pro Max. Each ​size offers unique features⁢ and‌ benefits, so ‌it’s important⁤ to consider your specific needs before⁣ making a decision.

First, consider how you⁤ plan to​ use your iPhone 11. If you ⁢use your phone‍ primarily⁣ for watching videos, ⁣playing games, ​or multitasking, you may want to‍ opt for the larger‌ iPhone 11 ‌Pro Max, ‍which features a ‌6.5-inch ‍display. On ⁤the other hand, if ⁤you prioritize a more‌ compact and pocket-friendly design, the standard iPhone ‍11, with⁤ its⁢ 6.1-inch display, ​may be the ⁢best option for you. The iPhone ‍11⁢ Pro offers ​a​ middle ground ​with ‌a ‍5.8-inch display,‌ making it a ​versatile ‍choice for users who want⁤ a balance of screen size‌ and portability.

Additionally, take into account your personal ‌preferences and ergonomic needs. Consider factors such as hand size, ⁤pocket or purse space, and overall comfort when using‍ your device. If you have smaller hands or prefer one-handed use,⁤ the ⁣standard iPhone 11 may be the most comfortable option. However, ⁣if you​ prioritize a larger ‍screen for⁢ productivity or‌ entertainment purposes, the iPhone 11 Pro ⁣Max may be⁢ the ideal ⁣choice for you.

In ⁣summary,⁤ choosing the right iPhone 11 size for ​your needs ​involves considering factors such ‍as⁢ usage ⁤habits, personal preferences, ​and ‍ergonomic requirements. By assessing these‍ factors, you can make an informed decision that aligns ⁢with your​ unique​ needs‌ and ​enhances your overall iPhone 11⁢ experience.


Q: How big is the ⁢iPhone 11?
A: The iPhone 11‍ has a 6.1-inch‍ Liquid‍ Retina⁢ HD display.

Q: What are the dimensions of the iPhone 11?
A: ⁢The⁣ iPhone 11 measures‍ 5.94 inches ‌(150.9 mm) in⁤ height, ‍2.98 inches‍ (75.7​ mm) in​ width, and 0.33‌ inch⁤ (8.3 mm) in depth.

Q:​ Is the⁢ iPhone 11 considered⁢ a large phone?
A: The iPhone 11 ⁤falls within the category of a‍ standard-sized smartphone, offering a balance between screen ‍size ⁣and portability.

Q: How ​does the size of the ⁢iPhone​ 11 compare ⁤to previous models?
A: The iPhone 11 is‌ larger than the iPhone X⁤ and iPhone XS, which had a 5.8-inch⁤ display, but smaller than the iPhone 11 Pro⁣ and ​iPhone 11 Pro Max, which ⁢have 5.8-inch ‍and⁤ 6.5-inch⁤ displays, ‍respectively.

Q:⁤ Is⁢ the size ‌of the ⁤iPhone 11 suitable for one-handed⁤ use?
A: While the 6.1-inch display⁤ of ​the iPhone 11 may require ‍two-handed use for some individuals, ‌its ‍slim⁤ profile and rounded edges​ make it ⁤comfortable to hold ‌and operate with ​one hand for ⁤many ​users.

Q: Can⁤ the iPhone 11 ‌comfortably fit in‌ most⁣ pockets and purses?
A: The​ compact ‍yet ⁢spacious design of the iPhone 11 allows⁢ it⁤ to⁢ easily fit​ in most pockets and purses without being too bulky or cumbersome.

Concluding ⁤Remarks

In conclusion, ‍the iPhone 11 comes with a 6.1-inch display, making it a⁢ substantial smartphone that ‌offers a great⁣ viewing experience. Its size and ​dimensions also make it ‌comfortable to‌ hold ⁣and use, ​while still offering⁣ a large enough screen for multitasking and entertainment. Whether you are considering purchasing an ⁤iPhone 11 or simply curious about ⁢its dimensions, we hope‌ this article has provided ​you with a clear ‍understanding of how‌ big the iPhone 11 really ⁢is. As technology ⁢continues to advance,‍ it ⁢is always helpful to have a clear understanding of the physical aspects of the devices we ‍use on a ‌daily basis. Thank you ⁤for‌ reading.

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