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In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,⁣ memories play a ⁢crucial ⁤role in unveiling the protagonist’s ⁣past and understanding the game’s intricate⁤ storyline. Finding these memories scattered ​across the vast open ‌world can​ be a daunting task without ​proper guidance. In ​this article, we will explore the⁣ locations⁣ of all the memories in Breath of the ‍Wild to ‌help players ⁤uncover​ the full depth ​of the game’s narrative.

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Hateno Village⁣ Memory

If you’re on the quest ​to find ⁣all the breath of the ​wild memory locations, you won’t want to miss​ out on the . ​This beautiful and serene location ‌holds a special memory for Link, and it’s worth the journey to uncover it. ⁢To help⁢ you on your way, here’s ⁢a quick description of where you can find this memorable spot.

To discover the location, head to​ the edge of Hateno Village and ⁢look for ⁢a small‍ grove ⁢of cherry⁤ blossom trees. You’ll know you’re in the right place ⁣when ⁢you‍ see a rocky outcropping⁢ with a beautiful‌ view​ of the village and the surrounding⁤ countryside. Once you’ve found the spot, watch the memory cutscene to ⁢relive this special moment and ​add to your growing collection ⁣of memories.

Akkala Tower Memory

If you’re on the hunt for the in ​Breath of the Wild, you’ve‌ come to the⁤ right place! This memory location, ⁤like the others,‌ offers a⁤ glimpse​ into the game’s rich ⁣backstory ‍and can be a rewarding experience for completionists and⁣ lore lovers alike. We’ve got all​ the details you ⁢need to track down this elusive memory, ‌so let’s get started!

First things first: you’ll need to⁤ make your way‌ to the Akkala Tower, located in the ‍northeastern region of Hyrule. Once ​you’ve reached the​ tower, use it as a vantage point to scout‌ the surrounding area for a glowing‍ blue light. This ‍will lead you to the⁤ memory location, where you can trigger the cutscene and unlock ‍the⁣ associated journal entry. ‍Keep an‌ eye out for any potential⁣ hazards​ or‌ enemies in⁢ the area, and be prepared for ‍whatever may come your way!

Location: Akkala Tower
Reward: Unlocks a journal entry and provides insight into the game’s lore

Lurelin Village ‍Memory

If you’re on a quest to ⁢find all ‍the botw memory⁢ locations, you won’t want to miss⁢ the . This picturesque ⁤coastal​ village in Breath of the Wild holds a ⁣special memory that’s worth seeking out. The memory is located on the shore near the village, offering a stunning view of the ocean and surrounding ⁤landscape.

When you ⁢visit Lurelin Village, take the time to explore the area and​ soak in the ‍serene atmosphere. In addition to finding the‌ memory, ⁤you can also engage with the friendly villagers, sample ⁤local⁢ cuisine, and​ even try ‍your hand‌ at⁣ some fishing. ‌The memory location is just one part of the ⁣rich experience awaiting ⁢you in this charming village.

Remember to​ approach the location​ with caution, as it’s surrounded by enemies. With ​the right preparation and strategy, you’ll be able ​to ⁢retrieve the​ memory and add another piece to your collection ⁢of botw ⁢memories.

Gerudo Desert Memory

Located in the southwestern part of Hyrule, Gerudo Desert is ‍a vast and arid region‌ that‍ is home to numerous ancient ruins and stunning landscapes.‍ It is also the site of one⁤ of the 12 memories that can be found in ‌The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The is ⁢a significant⁢ part of the game’s‌ storyline and offers players a glimpse into the⁢ rich ⁣history and lore ⁤of the ⁣game’s world.

When searching for the ⁢ location, players should keep an eye‍ out for the distinctive rock formations and⁢ sand dunes that⁣ are characteristic of ⁤the region. The memory itself is ⁤located near the iconic⁢ Gerudo Town and⁣ can be⁣ found​ by following these clues:

  • Head to the southeastern part of Gerudo Desert
  • Look for a solitary tree in the desert
  • Once you spot ‍the tree, head⁢ south towards the edge of the desert

By following these hints, players can ⁢uncover the ⁤and ‌unlock more of the game’s immersive storyline.

Wasteland Memory

Looking for those elusive botw ⁤memory locations? We’ve ‌got you covered with‍ a ​comprehensive guide to help you locate every ‌ in⁣ the game. From breath-taking landscapes to ​hidden ​treasures, the wasteland memories in Breath ⁣of‍ the ⁣Wild are scattered throughout the vast open‌ world of ⁢Hyrule. Use our detailed descriptions and locations to relive ⁤these key moments in Link’s journey.

With ‍our ⁢guide, you’ll be able to track down all botw ‍memory locations ‌and piece together the fragments of Link’s memories. Don’t miss out on these important story elements that add depth and meaning to the game. Whether you’re a⁤ completionist or just⁣ want to experience the full narrative, our guide will help you ​uncover all the wasteland memories⁣ in Breath of ‌the ⁣Wild.

Memory Location Description
Wasteland ⁢Tower Located northwest of Gerudo ‍Town.
East Gerudo Ruins Found east of​ Gerudo Canyon.
Gateway⁤ to the Desert South of ⁢Hyrule⁤ Ridge.


Q: What are BotW memory locations?
A: BotW​ stands for⁣ The Legend of Zelda: Breath of‍ the Wild. In the game,⁤ memory​ locations⁣ are specific spots where the main character, Link, can regain fragmented memories of his past.

Q: How⁣ many ‍memory locations are ⁢there in BotW?
A:‌ There⁣ are a total ‌of 18 memory locations in‌ the game.

Q:‌ What‌ do players gain by finding all the ​memory locations ⁢in BotW?
A: By finding all the memory locations, players⁢ can unlock ​the full backstory of the game and understand the events leading up to the game’s present day.

Q: Are there any hints or clues to ‍help⁤ players find the ‌memory locations?
A:⁣ Yes, there are in-game clues and hints⁤ to guide players toward the memory locations. Additionally,⁣ players ​can also seek out guides⁣ or maps created by other players ⁢to help them in their ​search.

Q: Are there any rewards for finding all‍ the memory ⁤locations in BotW?
A: Once players have found all 18 memory locations, they will be rewarded ⁢with ⁤a special cutscene that⁢ fully reveals Link’s lost memories and provides‍ a​ deeper understanding of the game’s storyline. ​

In Retrospect

In ⁣conclusion, locating all 12 memories in‍ The Legend of Zelda: ‍Breath of the Wild can be a challenging but rewarding task. By⁣ visiting each memory location, players gain‌ a deeper understanding of the ⁤game’s narrative ⁢and lore.⁣ Whether you’re⁣ a completionist‌ or simply want to delve deeper into the game’s rich ​storytelling, finding these memories is a worthwhile endeavor. We hope this guide has been helpful ⁣in aiding you‌ on your journey to uncovering all the ⁢memories‌ in ⁤BOTW. Happy exploring!⁢

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