All Lynel Locations in BOTW: Complete Guide for Zelda Players

In The Legend of Zelda: ‌Breath of‍ the‌ Wild,‌ facing off against lynels ‍is⁤ often considered one​ of the most challenging and⁤ rewarding experiences⁤ in the game. Their ‍formidable​ strength ⁢and relentless aggression make⁢ encountering them​ a daunting feat for many players.⁢ However, with the right⁣ strategy and preparation, conquering these powerful​ foes‍ is possible. In this article, we⁣ will provide a comprehensive guide to all ‍lynel locations‌ in⁤ Breath of the Wild,⁤ offering valuable information to⁤ aid⁢ players in their ⁤quest to defeat these ​formidable enemies.

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Lynel Locations⁣ in Breath ⁣of the Wild

Lynels ⁢are‍ some​ of‍ the toughest enemies ⁤in The Legend ‍of Zelda: Breath of⁣ the Wild, but for those daring ⁤enough ⁤to take them on, they offer⁢ great rewards. Here are all‌ the ​Lynel locations in the game, so you can track ⁢them down and ​try ‌your ⁢luck in battle.

– East ⁣Gerudo Summit: There’s⁣ a Lynel at the East Gerudo Summit, located in the Gerudo‍ Highlands region. This Lynel⁣ wields a Savage Lynel ⁣Crusher and is ‍a formidable opponent for any player.

– Mount⁤ Ploymus: Another Lynel ⁤can be⁢ found at Mount Ploymus, situated in ⁤the southern part of the map. This Lynel carries a Savage Lynel ⁢Bow and is known for its lightning-fast​ attacks and powerful weapon.

-⁤ Coliseum Ruins: The Coliseum‌ Ruins are home to a Lynel as well, making⁣ it a‌ challenging⁣ location⁢ for​ players to explore. This ⁣Lynel uses a Savage ‌Lynel Sword and shield, making it a tough foe to‌ defeat.

Finding⁢ and defeating these Lynels will test your skills, but ⁢the ‌rewards are well ⁣worth the challenge. Whether you’re looking for powerful weapons ⁤or simply ‌want to prove your worth ⁣in battle, tracking down these is a thrilling adventure for‍ any​ player.

Best Strategies for Defeating Lynels

Lynels are‍ powerful‌ and intimidating enemies in ‍Breath of the Wild and can be difficult to defeat ⁤without the right strategies. Here are some of the :

1. **Upgrade Your Armor**: Before facing​ Lynels, make sure to upgrade ⁤your armor to increase your ‌defense and⁢ survivability.

2. **Master the Perfect Dodge**:‍ Practice the ‍perfect dodge to avoid their powerful attacks and create openings for counterattacks.

3. **Use ⁢Stasis and⁤ Headshots**: Utilize the Stasis rune to briefly freeze Lynels and aim for headshots with powerful bows and⁤ arrows for maximum damage.

4. **Utilize Urbosa’s ⁤Fury**: If you’ve completed ​the Urbosa’s Fury quest, use this‍ powerful ability to deal significant damage ⁤to Lynels.

5. **Utilize Buffs and Elixirs**: Use attack-increasing buffs and elixirs to boost your damage output against⁢ Lynels.

Here‌ is a table showing the locations⁤ of all Lynels in ​Breath of the Wild:

|​ Region ‍ ⁢ | Lynel Location |
| Lanayru ‌ | North of Zora’s Domain, near ‍Ploymus Mountain |
| Akkala | Eastern part, near Shatterback​ Point ‌ ⁤ ‍ ⁢ |
| Hebra Mountains | North of Hebra Tower, near Goma Asaagh Shrine |
| Gerudo Desert | Just south‌ of⁣ Gerudo‌ Summit, near Lomei Labyrinth‍ Island |

By utilizing⁢ these strategies‌ and knowing the locations of Lynels,⁢ players can increase their chances of defeating these formidable ⁢foes in ‍Breath of ‌the Wild.

Tips for Finding and Hunting Lynels ⁤in BOTW

Master the ⁣Combat Mechanics

Before venturing ‍out to find​ and hunt Lynels​ in‍ The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it’s important to‌ master⁣ the combat mechanics of the game. This includes perfecting your dodges,⁤ parries, and flurry rushes.​ Additionally, make⁤ sure to have a good supply‌ of weapons, shields,‌ and arrows before engaging with⁤ a Lynel.

Search in ⁣the Right ‌Locations

When looking for ​Lynels, it’s important to search in the right locations. ‌Lynels can ⁣typically⁢ be found in the⁣ following areas of ‍the game: ​Hyrule Field,⁤ Gerudo Highlands, Akkala⁣ Highlands, and the⁤ Coliseum Ruins. It’s ⁣also worth ⁤noting⁤ that Lynels have‌ different difficulty levels based on their color – red Lynels are the easiest, while silver Lynels are the most challenging.

Utilize Stealth and Patience

Utilizing ‌stealth and patience can greatly increase your chances of successfully hunting a‍ Lynel. Sneaking⁤ up on a ⁢Lynel and performing⁢ a sneak strike‍ will ⁢deal a significant amount of damage, giving you a head‍ start⁢ in ​the battle. ‍Additionally, ⁣observe the Lynel’s attack‍ patterns and wait for the right​ moments to strike. Remember, patience is key when facing ⁣off⁢ against these powerful foes.

Mastering the Art of Lynel‍ Combat

When it comes to facing off against Lynels ⁣in Breath of the ⁤Wild, mastering the art of combat is essential for⁣ survival. These powerful ⁢centaur-like creatures are‍ some of‍ the toughest foes⁣ in the game, but with ‌the right strategy ⁤and skills, they can be taken ​down. Here are some tips and tricks⁢ for mastering Lynel combat.

Understanding⁤ the Basics

Before taking ⁢on a Lynel,‍ it’s‍ important to understand the basics ‍of ‍their behavior and attack ​patterns.‌ Lynels have a ⁢variety ​of⁤ different attacks, including sword swipes, fire breath, and⁤ shockwaves. Knowing how to anticipate ‍and ⁢dodge these attacks is crucial for a successful battle.

Using the Right Gear and Abilities

Having the right​ gear ⁤and abilities can make a huge difference ⁣when facing a⁣ Lynel. Items like the Master Sword, Ancient​ Armor, and powerful weapons like the Savage Lynel Crusher‍ can ‌greatly increase your chances ⁢of⁣ defeating these ‌formidable foes. Additionally, abilities such as Flurry Rush and⁤ the‍ ability to mount and ride a Lynel can be invaluable in combat.

Tips for Successful ​Combat

  • Take advantage of environmental elements, such as shooting down hanging​ barrels⁢ for explosive damage
  • Use Stasis+ to temporarily freeze a Lynel and get​ in​ free hits
  • Master the art of perfect dodges‍ and parries‍ to open up opportunities for counterattacks
  • Utilize powerful⁢ elemental arrows, such as bomb and shock arrows, to deal massive damage


Q: What⁢ are ⁢Lynels in Breath of the Wild and why⁢ are they important?
A: Lynels are powerful, centaur-like enemies in ​Breath of‌ the Wild that provide⁢ some⁤ of the toughest challenges ‍in the game. They are important because they drop valuable materials and are necessary ‍to defeat for ​completionists looking to clear all enemy ‍camps on ​the ​map.

Q: How ​many Lynel locations are there in ​Breath⁣ of the​ Wild?
A: There⁣ are a ⁢total of 22 Lynel‌ locations​ in Breath⁣ of the Wild, spread across the game​ world.

Q: Where can players find Lynels in the game?
A: Players can find ⁤Lynels ‍in various regions of the game, including the⁤ Gerudo Highlands, Hebra Mountains, and ‍the Akkala Highlands.

Q: Are Lynels difficult ‌to defeat?
A: ‍Yes, Lynels are some of the toughest enemies in the game ‌and require a​ high⁤ level of skill and strategy to defeat. They‌ have a ‌wide range of‍ attacks ⁢and strong ‌defensive capabilities.

Q: What rewards do players receive⁤ for defeating Lynels?
A: Defeating⁤ Lynels will reward players with valuable materials such ⁢as ​Lynel Horns, hoofs, and guts, which can ⁤be used for crafting powerful armor‍ and elixirs.

Q: What strategies can players use​ to defeat Lynels?
A: Players can use a ‌combination of ranged attacks, ⁢well-timed dodges, and powerful weapons such as bomb ‍arrows⁣ and ancient arrows ‌to⁤ defeat Lynels. It’s also important to ​study ⁤their attack patterns and exploit their weaknesses.

Q: Are there any recommended armor‌ or ​buffs for fighting Lynels?
A: It is recommended to‌ wear ⁤armor that provides​ high ⁤defense and buffs, such as attack ⁤or defense boosts ⁤from food or elixirs,​ to​ increase​ the‌ chances of ⁤defeating a Lynel. Additionally, the use of ​armor with high shock​ resistance can be⁤ advantageous as Lynels often use shock-based attacks.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, knowing the⁢ whereabouts‌ of all‌ Lynel ⁣locations​ in⁢ The Legend ​of Zelda: Breath of the ​Wild can greatly benefit players looking to ⁢challenge themselves and collect rare⁤ materials. By ⁢utilizing the information provided in‌ this article, players can strategically plan‌ their ‍approach ⁣and⁤ effectively conquer‌ these ⁣powerful foes. Remember to always be‍ prepared with the right ⁣equipment and a sound strategy when facing a Lynel, and⁣ may your adventures in Hyrule be filled with success ‍and triumph. Thank you for reading and happy hunting!

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